Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Giddy Up

Fighting some mad jetlag so apologies if this is a bit loopy.

In my humble opinion, Tantus makes the best silicon toys on the market. My personal experience with their products has been fairly extensive with most notably my perennial favorite, the Goliath.
Recently I decided to broaden my horizons a bit (pardon the soon-to-be-obvious pun) by visiting their sister site, Toys Just For Boys and purchasing the Tantus Cowboy Ringo.
Yes, that's a real name and yes I posted a link to amazon rather than Tantus Direct. I love you guys Tantus, but the pricing on the your website (and shipping cost) is the kind of bending over that only my wife gives me... Often with your toys.
Sufficed to say, when going from a 1-3/4" diameter dildo or 2" acrylic plug to a 2-1/2" silicon plug, patience becomes a virtue and lube remains a necessity. Wow... This thing is filling, and for lack of a better expression, awesome. Who knew that half an inch would be so profound.
I don't consider myself a "size freak" (not yet anyway), but I think I have a better understanding of why people climb mountains. When I cracked open the box from amazon and revealed my new toy, the little voice inside my head piped up to say, "I must have you!"
So far it's just been solo play with this toy in deference to a period of acclimation, keeping things slow and steady, but I think we will be working Ringo into our playtime soon.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coming back

So life's crazy and my posting is unreliable. I've been traveling a ton and crazy busy. That said, I've been writing the whole time. Right now I'm sitting in chicago's united airlines club about to leave for Europe. Packed work trip where I will hit a different country each day. Nevertheless, I want to make a commitment to myself to get this blog running properly again, and I plan to start on this trip. Just downloaded an app that will let me work on the blog while in the air, and that will help a lot. Also been learning twitter a bit and that has been fun, hopefully I can incorporate that too.

Next post, a new toy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Anal Play For Both

Hi all,

I added Marie and Joe's blog to the blogroll titled Anal Play for Both.  This appears to be a relatively new blog with some great content already, and I am looking forward to hearing more about their adventures.  Please join me in welcoming them to the... ahem, community... as it were. :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Ran into this site today (click above). Pretty impressive collection of pegging and mmf videos. Choose the appropriate tag and browse away :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Keys, check.
Wallet, check.
Reusable grocery bags, we're not really green but we try, check.
Plug firmly in my ass, check.

"Ready dear?" I ask.

"Yep, lets go." 

Grocery bags in tow we load into the car.  

I generally don't care for going grocery shopping, a subject of some angst earlier in our marriage.  The solution still surprises me to this day.  I guess one should never underestimate the benefits of an 11oz metal butt plug, a stiff suspension, and a road perpetually under-construction. 

In addition, my better half has taken to rubbing my cock through my pants during the drive to see how hard she can make me before we arrive.  At best I show up hot, horny and hard having had my ass pummeled by the road and my cock rubbed raw.  At worst her ministrations take me too far and I end up with a heavy load of cum soaking into my lap.  In which case I stay in the car to marinade and she has to shop alone, so it is a fine balance.

I don't cum this time, but lord knows I wanted too. Nearly did but when the rhythm of my breathing changed, my wife eased up. Treacherous spouse, I don't think she wants to shop solo this time.  

Shopping is uneventful, it's usually the there-and-back that I enjoy.  We make our rounds through the various aisles, selecting our items and seeing the occasional familiar face. 

Being in public while sporting a sex toy is always a thrill.  There is the the taboo what-if-we-get-caught sensation but I also can't help wonder, if I am walking around with lovingly filled rear, I wonder what someone else here might be doing.

Eventually we end up in the produce section, for the second time.

"Did we forget something dear?" I ask.

"I wanted to get something for desert."

Looking at the broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts on display I hope she's joking.  

"We already picked up shortbread and berries, do you want something from the pastry counter?" I offer hopefully.

"No, they have what I want here." She replies, picking out a yellow squash, testing it for ripeness.

Pausing in consideration, she looks over at me, "Do you think you can take this?"

Ever striving to be the considerate husband, I take the squash and begin putting it in the cart.

My wife starts laughing.

"What?", I ask.

Leaning closer still laughing she says, "I meant, do you think you can take that in your ass?"

"Ohhhh," red faced I reply, "Well it will be fun trying, but I think I can."

I guess we're shopping for biodegradable, 100% organic dildos.

"Let's see what else we can find." my wife says.

After about ten minutes of hefting, tapping, whispering and the occasional snicker we have a selection of three deserts. One squash, one zucchini and a cucumber that in the corporate world one would call a stretch goal. 

Checking out at the register can be an amusing affair when one's purchases are multi-purposed.  I wonder if the cashier recognizes the significance of the three individually wrapped vegetables separated from our other produce. She keeps smiling at my dearest, maybe she thinks the all-natural phalli are for a more conventional deployment. We have a less-than-conventional household. 

Friday, August 27, 2010


Here is something that started rattling around in my head last night. I was feeling a bit disconnected (alone/isolated) and started thinking about the boundary between love and sex. In essence I was wondering what a woman might say to a man who needed to feel love.

I wish I was a better writer to express these ideas. Hopefully that is something that improves with practice. Given my limitations, I would ask you to read this slowly, perhaps out loud as there are a few things going on here that can get lost in scanning. To varying degrees, each line has meaning beyond it's text.

A Woman's Love

Men often confuse love for sex
Women often confuse sex for love

My love can be hard to find
I wear my love with honesty 
I want you to know my love

My love is long
My love is wide
You kneel for my love
My hands in your hair
My love takes your breath away
My love holds you speechless
My love wants more of you, all of you

You need my love inside you
My love enters you slowly, sweetly
My love is patient
My love lies deep within you
I want you to feel my love

Our hearts in rhythm 
Our bodies in motion
My love fills you
My love opens you
My love moves you

Your love is hard
Your love builds, sways
Your love aches for release
Your love spills forth
Your love covers your heart
I can touch your love
Your love is warm
You say your love is salty, even bitter
I can taste your love in your kiss

My love leaves you shaking
My Love remains

Our love binds us, connects us, fulfills us